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Cornerstone Park Remodel

Estimated Start Date: Oct. 2022

Our community is growing. PVAA Sports have risen 81% since 2018 while baseball and

lacrosse programs have more than doubled! With the remodeled center and new lights,

PVVA expects to enroll approximately 500 more children each season.

Will remodeling and light

installation increase traffic

and/or noise in the area?

• PVAA is committed to being a responsible community partner and ensuring we manage our

sports responsibly, with no impact on family time.

• Remodel will coincide with remodels of Ponte Vedra Concert Hall and Palm Valley sidewalk


How will PVAA Use the Remodeled Park?


Will practice schedules change with the light installation?

• Additional activities will be added during the

week for baseball and lacrosse

• Practice will end at 8:30pm Mon.-Thur. and

on 9:00pm Fri.-Sat. -Lights will shut off 30

minutes later.

• No night events will be scheduled on Sunday


• No loudspeakers allowed during night events

Who is funding the remodel?

• This project will be funded by the residual impact fees from the Davis Park project and a corporate sponsor.

• Remodel costs will not be funded by tax

reductions, assessments, or grants from the St. Johns County residents.


PVAA has been working diligently with our county administrators over the last three years to outline responsible methods to expand our field capacity. Our efforts have been driven by increased participation across all our sports, but particularly in our baseball, lacrosse, and soccer programs where we are now at capacity and are having to turn some applicants away.  Our collaboration with county officials has resulted in a number of responsible solutions that will allow PVAA to manage future enrollment in youth sports. 


Now is the time to reach out to our County Commissioners! They will vote soon on allowing lights to be installed at Cornerstone Park. Here is how you can make a difference


To ensure this approval occurs in the near future, PVAA must show our county commissioners and administration officials that this project has the overwhelming support of our families and the greater athletic community.

In April many of you signed a petition- thank you! To make a bigger impact we must email our commissioners directly.


Step 1: Please copy these emails

 and paste them into a new email


Step 2: Add to the subject line such as "I support the lights at Cornerstone Park"


Step 3: Add an email that shows your support to for the Cornerstone Park Athletic Field Lights


Here is a sample statement for you to personalize...


Dear Commissioners,


Youth sports are a vital part of a child's development. Please support Cornerstone Park's infrastructure improvements, including the need for lights to allow our children more practice and playtime. Thank you.


Add Your Signiture

Include your address so they know you live in the county



The PVAA Board of Directors recently outlined a proposal with the St Johns County Parks and Recreation Department to refurbish Cornerstone Park, update its infrastructure, and expand its field capacity.


This proposal includes the construction of a new playground, installation of new safety equipment, and installation of field lighting at the baseball and football fields. The refurbishment would be funded by a private sponsorship opportunity PVAA negotiated on behalf of St Johns County Parks, and impact fees funded by the County Administration, so the cost to St Johns County taxpayers have been minimized.


This remodel and light installation will allow PVAA to enroll 350+ additional kids per season in our baseball, football, and lacrosse programs and allow us to manage our growth since there are no new parks scheduled to be constructed at this time.

Thank you so much for your support of this project. If you have any questions, please let us know. Thank you!


Best Regards,

-Ponte Vedra Athletic Association

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